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Why is it?

Based on the details that you provided, it’s a little too early for testing. This is because any potential STD that you may have caught won’t be detectable on an STD test yet.

STD tests require the bacteria to multiply to a detectable level within your body or they require your body to create an immune response. Until either of these things have happened your test won’t be accurate.


Following a risky sexual encounter, you may feel like you need to get tested straight away, but it’s important that you wait. Getting tested before the specified time is likely to return false results, which is both a waste of money and dangerous.

You can book a test with Your Sexual Health, but you’ll have to wait until the window period for testing is reached. Luckily many of our tests only require you to wait 14 days. If you’re worried about waiting, why not call our team to discuss your options in more detail or browse our tests.


If you have any of the below symptoms then you may already be able to get tested because the bacteria has already reached a detectable level.

Clear and severe pain whilst urinating
Burning sensation affecting the urethra
Rashes, spots, blisters or lesions affecting the genitals

If you have any of these symptoms, please call us on 0161 660 2599 to find a suitable test. Please note that in these instances we always recommend confirmatory testing a month after exposure.


These tests will offer accurate results against a number of tests from between 10-14 days following exposure. Contact us today on 0161 660 2599 for more information on which product may be the right one for you.