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National HIV Testing Week Boosts awareness of disease

Book a 100% confidential private HIV test with Your Sexual Health

Saturday marked the start of National HIV Testing Week (NHTW), an awareness drive started by sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust and HIV Prevention England. The event is aimed at promoting the need for HIV testing to gay and bisexual men, and black African men and women – a combined group of people who make up 70% of those living with HIV in the UK.

It is thought that one in six people in the UK are HIV positive and have no knowledge that they have the condition. At Your Sexual Health we regularly come into contact with patients who are too embarrassed to visit their local sexual health clinic for fear that they may see someone they know. Luckily our service offers an alternative that is 100% confidential and leaves no trace on your health record.

Private HIV Testing from Your Sexual Health

There are a range of private HIV testing options available on our site which will give you accurate laboratory results. We offer testing in every town in the UK and have a number of private STD clinics in the main cities in the UK, including five in London. We also offer a postal testing service where we send you a container to deposit your blood sample before posting it back to us.

Private Clinics

We have a range of private STI clinics across the UK which allow you to be tested in a much more relaxed environment to what you might expect in an NHS clinic. You will arrange your appointment time in advance of your visit, so all that you have to do is turn up and deposit your samples. You can find the full range of private STD clinics on our clinic finder page.

Home Visits

Our home visits allow patients to receive private HIV tests in a location where they are most comfortable. Our mobile clinicians arrive in an unmarked car and wear plain clothers in order to ensure that our visit is as discreet as possible. It’s not just home addresses that we visit either, we can carry out tests at any address in the UK as long as there is running water and hand washing facilities.

Postal Tests

As well as our home visits, we also offer postal STD tests which allow you to receive private HIV tests in the comfort of your own home. We send the containers for your sample in the post along with a prepaid envelope. Unlike many other STD home tests all of our results come from a laboratory so you know you can trust it.

Following your test

Once you have deposited the sample for your private HIV test it will be sent to our laboratory for testing. If your results return positive then you will be offered a telephone consultation where one of our specialist doctors will offer you advice on the next stages of your treatment and arrange forward referral. Medicine has progressed at a tremendous rate since HIV was first discovered and many people with the condition can lead relatively normal lives with the help of state-of-the-art retroviral medications.