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Private Sexual Health Clinics in Glasgow

Book a wide range of private and confidential STD tests at discrete clinics across the Glasgow area. Benefit from friendly clinic staff, accurate laboratories, and lightning fast turnaround times that will leave you feeling confident about your sexual health. Browse our Glasgow clinics below or contact us on 0161 504 7187 for more information.


Your Sexual Health offers a range of private sexual health clinics located across the Glasgow area. Browse our clinics below or get in touch with us on 0161 504 7187 to find a local STD clinic in Glasgow that suits your needs. Alternatively, use the live chat button below.

Glasgow - Central

Hope Street, Glasgow.
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments

Our Central Glasgow clinic is a stone throw away from Glasgow Central train station on Hope Street. The clinic offers excellent access to private STI tests for anyone living or working in the city. It’s location near the train station makes this an excellent and convenient location for anyone who commutes via Glasgow Central.

Glasgow - Shawlands

Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow. G41 3RG
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments
  • Onsite parking

The Shawlands clinic is located on Pollokshaw's Road and is just a two minute walk away from the Shawlands railway station. The clinic is handily situated off the A77, making access straightforward for anyone travelling from central areas of Glasgow by road.


Draffen Street, Motherwell. ML1 1NJ
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments
  • Onsite parking

Our Motherwell clinic is located in Cleland, just a short 10 minute drive from Motherwell town centre. The clinic is also easily accessible from Glasgow via the M8 and is just 16 miles to the South East of the city centre. Cleland Railway station is just a short walk from the clinic.

East Kilbride

St James Retail Centre, East Kilbride. G74 5QD
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Onsite parking

The East Kilbride clinic is just 15 miles south of Glasgow and can be accessed from Glasgow using the M77 and A726. There are also direct trains from Glasgow Central to Hairmyres station taking just 30 minutes.


Our private clinics across the Glasgow area offer a wide range of sexual health tests to check for STDs in a safe and comfortable environment. We also offer a number of instant tests that allow you to receive your results while you wait, and comprehensive profile tests that check for most of the common STDs, giving you complete peace of mind. Find out more below.


Your Sexual Health clinics offer the most comprehensive STD testing across Scotland, with a friendly and discreet service, and quick turnaround times.

Our sexual health clinics in Glasgow test for all common STDs with specific tests and profile tests that check for multiple sexual health concerns. Our team is available to help you right from the start, from helping you to choose the right rest for you to arranging prescriptions with our partnered pharmacies. The entire process is completely private and won’t end up on your medical records.

Choose from our wide range of STD tests on the next page and complete your booking. We’ll then confirm your appointment for you to come into the clinic to deposit your sample. Once the lab has finished analysing it, your results will be available on our secure portal, and we’ll make sure to arrange any follow up appointments with your GP should it be required.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team if you need assistance with the booking process or choosing a test. Call us on 0161 504 7187 or use the live chat below.


As well as a wide range of standard STD tests, our clinics in Glasgow also offer a number of instant STI tests that provide you with accurate results in as little as 30 minutes. Instant tests come with the same confidential service as our standard tests, and are available for HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhoea, and herpes. With our instant tests, you can stay on top of your sexual health much more easily and conveniently than with regular testing.


Find out more about our private STI testing service in Glasgow in the FAQs below. If you have any further questions about our service contact our expert team today on 0161 504 7187, or use the live chat below.

Your Sexual Health’s private STI clinics are located in the city centre and across Glasgow’s neighbouring towns. You’ll find our clinic in the City Centre of Glasgow on Hope Street, near Glasgow Central railway station, and further clinics in Motherwell, Shawlands, and East Kilbride.

It’s often many people’s instinct to get tested straightaway following unprotected sex or a one night stand. Unfortunately, some STDs take time to present in the body, therefore needing a certain amount of time to pass before testing to get accurate results.

This time in between, is known as the incubation period. It’s the time that the infection needs to reach a detectable level in the body. In the case of most viral testing this period is a little longer because the tests require your body to produce antibodies in order to detect it.

You can see the accuracy dates on each of our tests before booking. Testing before these times have passed will result in false negatives, meaning you’ll need to retest at a later date to get treatment or you might think you’re clear and pass the STD to future sexual partners.

If you have any questions about our accuracy dates please contact our customer services team on 0161 660 2599 and one of our experts will be able to help you.

In the case of a laboratory test, once you’ve deposited your sample it will be packed and sent to our laboratory for medical testing against the conditions that you’ve chosen. Turnaround times for each laboratory test vary and you can find more information on our private STI tests page.

For Instant Tests, the nurse or phlebotomist will take your sample and mix it with the buffer. This will diagnose if any trace of an STD is present and will offer results in less than 30 minutes.

If any of your tests return positive you’ll be offered a free telephone GP consultation where a GP from our partner medical organisation will be able to answer any questions or queries that you may have about your condition. We’ll also be able to offer you a prescription so that you can get the medical treatment that you require.

The service offered by Your Sexual Health offers a more discreet and confidential testing option to NHS testing. Here are just some of the reasons to choose us: –

  • Discreet and confidential service where the only people who know about your test are you and us. Your results won’t end up on your regular medical records.
  • Clinics across Glasgow and the wider region which means you’ll be able to find the most suitable option for you
  • Appointment service allowing you to fit your tests around your schedule
  • Competitive pricing for a range of tests
  • Free certification should it be required

Every sexually transmitted infection will affect each patient in a different way and indeed for many they not experience any symptoms at all. For this reason the most effective way to know if you have an STI is to get tested. However, some common symptoms may include: –

  • Discharge from your penis, vagina or anus
  • Pain whilst urinating
  • Lower abdominal pains
  • Rashes, blisters or sores affecting your genital area
  • Blood in between periods for women

If you notice any of these symptoms it’s important that you are tested or seek medical help. To find the most suitable test for you contact our customer services on 0161 660 2599.

Everyone has their own reasons for getting tested, here are just some of the reasons that might encourage you to get tested: –

  • Starting a new relationship and you want to ensure you’re all clear
  • If you’ve had a one night stand but didn’t use a condom
  • General peace of mind testing if you’ve had more than one sexual partner in the previous year
  • Before beginning IVF or if you’re trying for a baby
  • To support your visa application if you’re moving to a country that requires HIV free certification