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Church Street, Hereford. HR1 2LR
  • Good public transport
  • Onsite parking

What to expect from our private Hereford sexual health clinic

Your Sexual Health offer private STI testing Hereford, allowing you to get tested conveniently for the conditions that are making you worry. Our service is 100% private and confidential meaning that no one will know about your test except us and you. Simply book your clinic appointment and choose your test, all you have to do is turn up to deposit your sample. We’ll take care of the rest.

Where is the private STD clinic in Hereford?

Our private sexual health clinic in Hereford is located on the historic Church Street thoroughfare right in the centre of Hereford. It offers perfect access to anyone living or working in the city by foot, road or public transport. Hereford is well served with public parking available within a five minute walk of the clinic location.

What happens after my sample is deposited?

Once you’ve deposited your sample it will be taken straight to our labs for testing. As soon as we know your results, you’ll be contacted via your preferred method of either telephone or email. In the unfortunate event that your results come back positive, these can be discussed and actioned by your own GP.  We can also recommend an independent private GP service if you prefer who can discuss your circumstances and manage further as required. This service will be free of charge to you. We’re the only online private STD testing provider to offer this level of service.

Hereford Sexual Health Clinic FAQs

When visiting a Your Sexual Health clinic you'll be guaranteed a straightforward, discreet and convenient service. Once your appointment is confirmed, you simply need to arrive at the clinic so that we can collect your sample. This will either be a urine, blood or swab sample. The doctor, nurse or phlebotomist will draw the blood using a needle, but they will leave you to collect a urine sample in the clinic toilets before handing it back to them. Swab samples may be collected by our medical professionals or by you depending on the situation.

Once this is taken care of, you're free to leave. We'll send the samples to the laboratory and notify you of your results by either telephone or email.

We offer various methods of sexual health assessments that don’t require a blood test, however, some viruses propagate through the blood and it is, therefore, necessary to carry out blood tests to give a full health assessment.

We carry out blood tests to screen for:

  • Herpes (Simplex I & II)
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B & C
  • Genital Herpes

The STD that is most often dormant is genital herpes. Many people have the virus (HSV) but aren’t aware. It affects people through the mucus membranes in their skin and can often never cause any visible problems in humans.

Chlamydia is sometimes also known as the “silent infection” as some people never experience symptoms. Some chlamydia symptoms such as burning during urination can be missed or even confused with a UTI. If chlamydia isn’t detected and treated in time, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which can lead to permanent damage to reproductive organs and infertility.