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Private Syphilis Tests

Get quick results with Your Sexual Health’s private syphilis tests. Order a home test kit and get it delivered to your door or, alternatively, visit a clinic and get the test taken by a trained nurse. We realise the importance of discretion, so our procedures are designed to guarantee full confidentiality. Book one of the syphilis tests below or get in touch with our team today and we can advise further.


How Do I Test for Syphilis?

There are different types of syphilis tests and which one you opt for would depend on whether you have symptoms. If you have a lesion following sex, then a swab sample would be taken from the area. If you don’t have symptoms but suspect you have been infected, then a blood test is a better option.

When Should I Get Tested for Syphilis?

You should get tested if you start experiencing symptoms in the form of a red rash around your penis, vagina, anus, mouth or lips, alongside other syphilis symptoms, which you can learn more about on our syphilis guide page. If you aren’t experiencing symptoms, but you’ve been in close contact with an infected person during sex, then you should get tested on this occasion, too.

How Common Are False-Negative Syphilis Tests?

Although not very common, syphilis tests can return a false-negative result if you get tested during the very early stages of the primary syphilis stage of the disease. Therefore, make sure you keep an eye on your symptoms and if they persist, get another test for peace of mind.

Is There a Home Test For Syphilis?

Yes, you can get a home syphilis test if you suspect you might have been infected. You’ll need to take a finger-prick sample, but full instructions will be included in the kit. However, if you’re showing symptoms, then a swab test is more appropriate, so we advise you to visit a clinic to ensure an accurate diagnosis.