Find Your Nearest Private STI Clinic

      About our Private STD Clinics

      What to expect from our private sexual health clinics?

      Your Sexual Health have a private STD clinic network of over 60 clinics across the UK, including in all major towns and cities. Our clinic experience allows you to get tested for a range of STDs in a relaxed and discreet setting. We’ve carefully selected each of our clinics to ensure that it meets the required standard that you expect from the private healthcare sector and we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied. Enter your postcode into the clinic locator above to find your nearest clinic.

      What happens when I arrive at my appointment?

      Once you arrive at the private sexual health clinic you’ll be seen by either a doctor or a nurse. If you require a blood sample you’ll be taken to a consulting room and they will draw blood. For urine samples you’ll be given a container and offered instructions for use. Swab samples may be taken by the medical professional or by the patient depending on a number of factors. The sample will then be packaged up and sent by either courier or First Class post to our laboratory.

      If you’ve booked an instant test, we’ll take your samples for testing on our Instant Test Kit whilst you wait. Once your results come through you’ll be notified there and then. In the event of a positive test you’ll be contacted by Your Sexual Health to arrange a follow-up telephone consultation and to arrange your prescription.

      I need to be discreet and I’m concerned I’ll see someone that I know?

      We understand that sexual health testing is a very personal service and often requires absolute confidentiality. All of our clinics operate an appointment system, which means you won’t be waiting in a waiting room for any longer than you want to. This will minimise the likelihood of seeing someone in there that you know.

      Add to that the fact that when you get tested at one of our clinics no one has to know the reason for your visit other than the clinic and yourself. That’s because, unlike NHS GUM Clinics which only do sexual health services, the clinics that we use offer a range of different services.

      Can I pay by cash at the private STD clinic?

      Unfortunately we’re unable to accept cash payments at our private GUM clinic locations and must take payment in advance either through the website or over the phone. If you have any concerns or issues about this, please contact us and we will try to resolve this for you in whatever way we can.

      I can’t find a private STI clinic near me, what can I do?

      Although our private STI clinic network is growing, there are one or two areas in which we’re yet to gain clinics. However, just because we don’t have a physical clinic location doesn’t mean that you can’t get tested. We offer a home visit service where we bring the nurse to you or we can send a postal test kit to an address of your choosing so that you can deposit the sample yourself before returning to our laboratory.

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