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How long does it take to get an STI test result?

Is it possible to get two STDs at once?

False Positive vs False Negative Test

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How Long Can Chlamydia Lay Dormant?

Can you have herpes and not give it to your partner?

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Can STDs go away on their own?

2020: A Year In Sexual Health

Sex without a condom – what you need to know

Symptoms of an oral STD

If you perform oral sex on someone who has a sexually transmitted infection, it’s possible to catch an STD in your mouth or throat. The symptoms that you’ll notice if you catch an STD in this manner will usually be localised to the area infected …

When is it necessary to take a swab STD test?

Choosing the correct STD test to suit your needs can often be difficult. In this article we take a look at swab tests and answer a range of common questions about them, including when it’s appropriate to use them …

What’s Causing The Rise In STDs Amongst Over 60s?

A new campaign from the NHS will attempt to tackle rising numbers of STDs in over 60s by offering them free condoms. The initiative is thought to be the first of its kind aimed at the older age group …

STD rates in Ireland begin to soar

Ireland is in the midst of a public health crisis as the five most common sexually transmitted infections have all noticed a sharp rise since 2013. Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis and HIV all noticed significantly higher …