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Which demographic is most likely to contract STI

According to a recent report published by Public Health England in 2016, the number of people who were diagnosed with STDs went down. However, amongst 15-24 year olds the rates are still quite high. It was reported that males in this age group have been diagnosed with an STI two times more than those aged 25-59. Furthermore, women that are aged 15-24 are also diagnosed with STIs seven times more than those aged 25-59.

The majority of sexually transmitted infections amongst young people were chlamydia, making up a huge 62% of all the sexually transmitted infections in the UK.

Geographical difference

  • 27% of young people diagnosed with chlamydia came from London
  • The area with the second largest number of cases was the Midlands with 16%
  • Yorkshire and Humber ranked in at 11%
  • The South East made up 8% of cases

The government has therefore proposed that the detection rate of chlamydia for 15-24 year olds should be kept at 2,300 per 100,000 people. However, the current detection rate is at 1882.3 detections per 100,000. The shortfall in these statistics is primarily down to two factors:

  1. People are not aware that they have chlamydia
  2. People feel embarrassed to go to the clinic / inform others

How can we solve this?

There are many private STI clinics that ensure people receive total anonymity throughout the testing and treatment process. These services are designed with confidentiality as the first priority, and can include STI home testing and postal testing kits. This is aimed to encourage young people to get the treatment they need in a way which suits them.

If you prefer to have a confidential one-to-one meeting with a sexual health specialist, clinics can be found across the country.

Private STI clinic in London

Statistics show that the chance of you contracting an STI in London is 65% higher than the national average. If you are having unprotected sex or have had unprotected sex recently you should make it a priority to get tested. Your Sexual Health has many clinics across the capital, all of which provide a completely confidential and stress-free service.

STD testing in Manchester

Our Manchester private STI clinic is situated in the heart of the city, on Kings Street which is located in the Piccadilly area. The central location of this clinic makes it very convenient for those who live or work in Manchester. The clinic is able to conduct a variety of tests including HIV testing, chlamydia testing, gonorrhoea testing and much more.

STD testing in Liverpool

In 2016 the Liverpool echo announced that 830 STIs were reported by the NHS per 100,000 people, with most of those people contracting chlamydia. If you live or work in Liverpool and have had unprotected sex recently you should check out one of our clinics today. Our private and confidential Liverpool clinic runs a range of STI tests and treatment solutions. It can be found just off the princess docks.

Private STD testing clinic in Birmingham

This mobile STI testing service provides people with comfort and flexibility of getting tested at home. The mobile vets are equipped with a range of STI testing kits which will highlight what particular issue needs addressing. Depending on the turnaround time you select, you are able to get your results within 4 hours to 5 days. Contact us to book your mobile testing service today.

Browse our page on mobile testing for more information.